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Street Art & Style of Denmark

Hey guys! Ok so this post is a little late because I’ve been so busy since I got back to LA, but anyways here it is! While I was in Europe, my sister and I spent a day in the vibrant city of Copenhagen in Denmark. I love going over to Copenhagen, even though it’s only just across the bridge, it has such a different vibe than Malmo. We strolled

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Meatpacking District, CPH #gointernational#stayhealthy

If you’re planning on passing through Copenhagen this summer don’t miss the opportunity to check in at trendy Kødbyen – Danish for “the meat-town” literally, but otherwise known as the Meatpacking District of Cph. The streets, which used to be lined with cattle stables and sheep pens now house some of Copenhagen’s chicest galleries and bars. Undeniably a true foodie at heart, I’m always on the lookout for new hip and

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Homies Marbella

I am back in LA battling jet-lag. I was sad to leave Sweden and it’s bitter sweet to be back. But as I got off my airport shuttle in Hollywood, breathed the heavy air and smiled at the jolly bums singing along to a boombox as I dragged my suitcases across the stars up Hollywood Blvd, I couldn’t help but feel at home I can’t believe how fast this trip went by.

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Marbella, Spain

A couple of days ago I got back to Sweden again after 10 days in Marbella, Spain. Marbella is a small town on the South Coast of Spain and it is where I grew up and I still have some of my family. One of my favorite things about being home in Spain is the food..as you may be able to tell by the pictures!! The seafood, fruit and vegetables are

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Sporty Side Stripe Joggers

This was my look for a night out with my LA girls/ex-roommates in Stockholm last week. I had not seen the girls since they moved back to Sweden a year ago, so we had a reunion dinner at a really nice Thai restaurant in Stockholm city. The food was delish and we had so much fun catching up and laughing at old memories from LA. I wore my favorite sporty

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